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I'm Lucy. I'm a 21 year old self taught website designer and developer from Oxfordshire England. I am primarily based on WordPress! I have experiencing creating WordPress themes, developing websites for businesses in my local area as well as commerical experience.

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Douglas Hutsby Forestry

Douglas Hutbsy Foresty is a commercial and domestic tree surgery and woodland management business in the local area.

Douglas Hutsby Forestry required a website from scratch, matching their current colour scheme, using information from their facebook page.

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Oakham Farm

Oakham Farm is a family run farm in the heart of Warwickshire with four fishing pools. They also sell Oakham English Timber for collection or delivery.

Oakham Farm requested a website to join their fishing and timber information together on one website.

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JavaScript Hangman Game

This is a modern redesign of the classic game 'Hangman'.

This was my first solo JavaScript project upon starting 'The Complete JavaScript Course' on Udemy. It's built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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Rural Works

Rural Works is a business offering its customers tree surgery and woodland management services in Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire.

Rural Works requested a redesign, restructure and moderisation of their website. I also added new features to their website to persuade customers to choose them.

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Trek is a colourful and responsive WordPress theme built with travel bloggers in mind.

This was one of my first projects, inspired by my love of traveling! Trek is now available on my Etsy shop where it has recieved 5 star reviews.

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"Make it simple, but significant."

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For this job I was asked to redesign the current website of Rural Works, a local tree surgery business.

I gave this website a modern and colourful redesign, while changing the structure of the site to include WordPress. I also added a new testimonials section to the site, enabling Rural Works to display their customer feedback.

A contact form was also added to speed up organisation and response times to customer queries, as this form helps pinpoint specific reasons why customers are getting in touch.

This website is in the last stages of development, you can view a demo here.

Elsewhere is a stylish and responsive WordPress theme I am currently working on.

This theme features a rotating carousel of featured posts at the top of the page, as well a multiple column layout for the posts and sidebar. This theme also comes with multiple widgets and layout options.

This theme will be uploaded to my Etsy shop soon.

Trek is a responsive and colourful WordPress theme I made in 2019 with travel bloggers in mind.

The theme includes over ninety customisable elements, available in the WordPress customiser live view. This means anything from the layout to the colours can be personalised. The theme also comes with six travel orientated widgets, such as the Travel Statistics widget.

As this theme was inspired by travel bloggers, images play a large part in the design. There is also an option to have a muted video, streamed from YouTube or Vimeo, playing on a loop as the background of your homepage.

View a demo of the theme here.

This original design of my portfolio was one of my first WordPress websites I created using php, WordPress, HTML, CSS and a small amount of jQuery.

The website featured a dark purple colour scheme, as well as a digital drawing I had created on Sketch of me sat at my desk. This was also my first use of CSS animation, which was used to make the three clouds glide slowly across the screen.

I loved the personality of this website, however in 2020 I decided to redesign my portfolio to better display my work.