JavaScript Hangman Game


This was my first solo JavaScript I embarked on after starting 'The Complete JavaScript Course' on Udemy. Although I haven't finished the course yet, I wanted to put what I had learnt into practice as this course encourages building your own projects to solidify skills. Therefore I decided I would remake the classic game of Hangman.

I created my initial design on inDesign. I chose pink, orange, white and black as my colour scheme, and kept the design simple but effective.

I also created a flow diagram to represent the users gameplay and the different routes the game could take. This graph was very helpful during development as it helped me work through the game step by step. Also please note on this diagram when I use the word 'key' I am referring to the buttons of the alphabet.


You can play the game by clicking the button below. You can also view the code for the game on my github. Please note this game is not currently responsive as I wanted to focus on the functionality. For the best experience please access it on a laptop or desktop.

Play Game

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